Teddington KBB Oil Fire Valve Tester

230v (For any fire valve)

Teddington KBB Fire Valve Tester

About the product

The Teddington KBB Oil Fire Valve Tester is a safe and reliable unit to test whether a fire valve cuts off as it should. The unit needs to be set to the required temperature using the adjustable dial, and when the temperature is reached an amber light will come on to indicate that the fire valve tester is ready to use. The fire safety valve sensor should then be inserted into the testing unit and left for five minutes to see whether the valve trips. This is a must have safety item for any oil heating engineer.

Features of the Teddington Fire Safety Valve Tester:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
MF6199 KBB Oil Fire Valve Tester 230v
Max Sensor Diameter – 14.5mm
Max Sensor Length – 150mm
Temperature – 0-120°C
£418.95 ex. VAT