Piusi Suzzara Blue DC 24v & 12v AdBlue™ Pump

36ltr Per Min (12v/24v)

Suzzara Blue DC AdBlue Pump Piusi Suzzara Blue DC 24v & 12v AdBlue™ Pump in Use

About the product

The Suzzara Blue DC 24v and 12v AdBlue™ Pump is the market leading AdBlue™ (DEF) transfer solution from Italian manufacturer, Piusi. Complete with 2m cable and clips for connection to the vehicle’s battery, this AdBlue™ transfer pump doesn’t require mains power to operate, making it suitable when mobile refilling is required. To further increase portability of the pump, a carry handle is available as an optional accessory.

This self-priming, 5 chamber membrane 24v and 12v AdBlue™ pump does not have a shaft seal, which reduces the chance of leaking as it wears. As with the other Piusi pumps, this model has an incorporated bypass valve and benefits from IP55 protection grade making it suitable for use in outdoor environments.This is the pump used within all DC Piusi AdBlue™ pump kits, and is suitable for mounting onto a drum, IBC or AdBlue™ storage tank depending upon the application requirements.

Centre Tank Services are leading UK AdBlue™ pump suppliers, who have been supplying AdBlue™ equipment since it first entered the market in 2005. If you need more advice on the transfer pump you need for you application, call our sales department on +44(0)121 351 4445.

Features of the Piusi DC AdBlue™ Transfer Pump:

Read why you should accept nothing less than the market leading, Italian manufacturer of fluid handling equipment.

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
F00204080 Piusi Suzzara Blue DC 12v AdBlue™ Pump c/w 2m Cable and Clips Max Flow Rate (lpm) - 36
Cable Fuse
1" M BSP and 3/4” Hose Tail
£335.45 ex. VAT
F00204090 Piusi Suzzara Blue DC 24v AdBlue™ Pump c/w 2m Cable and Clips Max Flow Rate (lpm) - 36
Cable Fuse
1" M BSP and 3/4" Hose Tail
£335.45 ex. VAT