Stainless Steel Hose Tail

3/4" to 2" BSP

Stainless Steel Hose Tail

About the product

The Stainless Steel Hose Tail is a heavy duty pattern, and is designed for use with more aggressive fluids such as AdBlue™. These hose tails can be connected to hoses that have inner diameters from 19mm up to 50mm. There is an option for this hose barb to come with a swivel connection.

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
BCS1028 S/S BSPT 3⁄4" M x 19mm Hose Tail Stainless Steel
3/4" M BSP
3/4" / 19mm
£9.85 ex. VAT
BCS1020 S/S BSP 1" F x 19mm Hose Tail Stainless Steel
1" F BSP
3/4" / 19mm
Viton Seal
£37.55 ex. VAT
BCS1001 S/S BSPT 1" M x 25mm Hose Tail Stainless Steel
1" M BSP
1" / 25mm
£17.65 ex. VAT
BCS1002 S/S BSPT 2" M x 50mm Hose Tail Stainless Steel
2" M BSP
2" / 50mm
£24.60 ex. VAT