Spinsecure Oil Tank Lock

2" F BSP

Spinsecure Oil Tank Lock Spinsecure Oil Tank Lock & Keys

About the product

The Spinsecure Oil Tank Lock is a sophisticated oil tank security product. This locking device fits to a standard 2" fill point inlet on a oil tank to secure the contents from a thief siphoning fuel away via its easiest access point. Utilising patented Spinsecure technology, this oil tank locking cap freely spins when locked, like a medicine bottle, making it almost impossible to remove.

Most commonly used to secure domestic oil tanks, this heating oil tank lock has a padlock-free design, and has no torque points for crow bar entry. A 2" Spinsecure Tank lock adaptor is available, which allows the lockable oil tank cap to be used on female threaded pipes.

Features of the Spinsecure Oil Tank Locking Cap:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
FSS750MF Spinsecure 2" Oil Tank Lock c/w 3 Keys Body - Zinc Alloy
Seal - NBR
2" F BSP
£61.45 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
FSS750A 2" Locking Tank Cap Adaptor for Female Thread
£13.4500 ex. VAT