Fill-Rite Series 900 Fuel Flow Meter

Mechanical (23-151ltr Per Min)

Series 900 Fuel Flow Meter

About the product

The Fill-Rite Series 900 mechanical fuel flow meter is a reliable solution for measuring how much diesel, petrol, kerosene and biodiesel up to B30 has been dispensed. It operates via a nutating disk system and clearly displays quantities up to 9999 litres on the fuel counter face. The face on this easy to install and calibrate diesel fuel flow meter is also able to be rotated 90 degrees to increase the flexibility of the installation.

Approved to EX II 2G c T6, the Series 900 fuel counter meter is certified safe for the dispensing of flammable liquids and the transfer of fuel in potentially explosive environments. These petrol and diesel flow meters are also capable of performing accurately in gravity as well as pump systems, thanks to its low minimum flow rate. 

Features of the Series 900 Petrol & Diesel Flow Meter:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
OE0048 Fill-Rite 900 Series 1 1/2" Fuel Flow Meter Max Flow (lpm) - 151
Pressure (bar)-(psi) 3.5-50
1 1/2" F BSP Flanged
4 digit resettable totaliser
8 digit non-resettable totaliser
Suitable for diesel, petrol, keorsene, B30
£462.40 ex. VAT