Royal Push Button Oil Tank Sight Level Gauge

For bottom outlet tanks

Royal Push Button Oil Tank Gauge

About the product

The Royal Push Button Oil Tank Sight Gauge is a simple and cost effective model of heating oil tank gauge commonly used on traditional domestic oil tanks. It is a push to read oil tank level indicator, which isolates the fuel when the measurement is given. This fuel tank gauge benefits from an additional isolation valve, meaning  that it can be serviced or replaced without the tank being drained of fuel. The Royal Push Button oil tank level gauge is designed for use on steel and plastic bottom outlet tank, and has an incorporated 100µ mesh filter to catch any large debris found in the fuel. 

Features of the Royal Push Button Oil Tank Sight Gauge:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
RF6001 Royal Push Button Oil Tank Sight Gauge 4ft x 1⁄2" Tank Height (ft/mm): 4'0/1219
Inlet: 1/2" M BSP
Outlet: 1/2" F BSP
Tube Support: Aluminium
Tubing: PVC
Filter - 100micron - mesh
£31.20 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
KAL9000 Threaded Connector 1" M BSPT x 1⁄2" F BSP - Aluminium 90mm
£5.4500 ex. VAT
SG1003 Sight Gauge PVC Tubing 30mtr Coil
£42.8500 ex. VAT