Reservoir Sight Level Gauge

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Reservoir Sight Level Gauge

About the product

The Reservoir Sight Level Gauges are simple and cost-effective tank contents gauges that give an easy visualisation of the fluid level in a container. Comprised of a high visibility lens moulded in shatterproof, transparent polymide, this sight level tank gauge gives a clear and instant level indication.

Suitable for tanks containing most fluids, primarily oils, water and diesel, this tank level indicator is designed for both front and rear installation by just drilling two holes into the tank for the bolts. Once tightened, they provide a leak-free seal.

There are different size versions available of the reservoir sight level tank gauges depending upon the container's size and the level that the user wishes to monitor. For more information about each gauge hole centre position and hole size, please look at the download section.

Features of the Reservoir Sight Level Tank Gauge:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
SG1018 110mm Reservoir Sight Gauge Gauge Height (mm) – 110
Drill Centres (mm) – 76
Temp -30°C/+90°
£48.25 ex. VAT
SG1019 161mm Reservoir Sight Gauge Gauge Height (mm) – 161
Drill Centres (mm) – 127
Temp -30°C/+90°
£57.75 ex. VAT
SG1020 288mm Reservoir Sight Gauge Gauge Height (mm) – 288
Drill Centres (mm) – 254
Temp -30°C/+90°
£79.10 ex. VAT