Rail Flyte Coupler

1 ½” F BSP

Rail Flyte Coupler - MKII Rail Flyte Coupler - MKIII

About the product

The Rail Flyte Coupler is a bulk fuelling coupler commonly used on train rail car refuelling hoses. It is a screw connect dry break valve for simple and spill-free connection to the tank’s fill point. This rail coupler benefits from durable forged steel handles for easy operator control, and a unique hex socket fitting for simple installation. Two versions are available the Mark II and Mark III, which differ based upon their connection handle (see image).

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
CTS2051 Rail Flyte Coupler MKIII 1 ½” F BSP
Flow Rate (lpm) – 50-650
Seal - Viton
£1234.90 ex. VAT