Purafiner ETA Magnetic Fuel Conditioner

ETA Series

Purafiner Magnetic Fuel Conditioner - ETA Series Purafiner Magnetic Fuel Conditioner - ETA Series

About the product

The Purafiner Magnetic Fuel Conditioner is designed to treat and control the microbial growth and contamination in a diesel fuel system. The increasing bio-content in today’s diesel means that the fuel in storage tanks often contains small, but problematic water levels that cause “bugs in fuel” to develop. If left, these bugs start to grow, multiply and join together to create a nasty sludge called biofilm.

The Purafiner works by using magnetic force which stuns the bugs breaking them down into their individual size to enable them to pass through a conventional filter without blocking that, or the vehicle or machinery that the fuel ends up in. As well as preventing costly repairs and downtime associated with equipment failure, Purafiner magnetic fuel conditioners also considerable extend the life of the filter you are using in conjunction with it.

The ETA Series of these magnetic fuel conditioning units are ideal for small commercial pumping installations and can also be vehicle mounted for larger systems in marine, railway or heavy plant industries.

Features of the Purafiner ETA Fuel Conditioner:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
ETA2000 Purafiner 1" F Compact Magnetic Condititioner Weight (kg) - 1.4
Seals - Viton
Port Size - 1" F BSP
Max flow rate (lpm) - 85
Max pressure (bar) - 7.9
Body - Marine Aluminium
£305.25 ex. VAT