Pressure Regulating Anti-Syphon Valve

1 1/2" F Flanged

Pressure Regulating Anti-Siphon Valve

About the product

The Pressure Regulating Anti-Syphon Valve from Lafon ensures the smooth running of a pumping system connected to an above ground storage tank. This pressure regulating valve is designed to avoid accidently emptying the tank by overloading the pump and delivery system, thereby limiting product loss and site pollution. Constructed from aluminium and copper-aluminium alloy with special hydrocarbon seals, the pressure regulating valve prevents head loss and regulates and stabilises the flow with no hammering effect. Thanks to their tri-flange connection, these pressure regulating valves can be removed and serviced without disturbing the installation’s pipe work.

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
ND4049 Pressure Regulating Anti-Siphon valve Inlet/Outlet - 1 1/2" F BSP
Max Flow - 83lpm
Diesel and Petrol
£549.05 ex. VAT