Plastic Piston Hand Fuel Transfer Pump

330ml Per Stroke (approx.)

Plastic Lever Drum Diesel Transfer Pump

About the product

The Plastic Piston Hand Fuel Pump is a polypropylene constructed, cost effective solution for dispensing diesel and AdBlue™ from a drum. It’s simple piston lever mechanism makes this a popular manual diesel transfer pump choice for many customers. Thanks to its 2” BSP drum adaptor and telescopic downtube, this hand fuel transfer pump is ready to mount and dispense from a number of sized drums. 

Features of the Plastic Piston Hand Fuel Pump:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
CTS2020 Plastic Piston Hand Fuel Pump 330ml per stroke
2" M BSP drum adaptor
510-920mm telescopic downtube
19mm spout
Diesel, AdBlue
£49.20 ex. VAT