Plastic Fuel Tank Filler Cap

2" F BSP

Plastic Fuel Tank Filler Cap Plastic Fuel Tank Filler Cap Installed Plastic Fuel Tank Filler Cap

About the product

The Plastic Fuel Tank Filler Cap is a cost effective solution to cap off male threads on fill points on fuel storage tanks, tanker faucets and valves. The main function of a tank fill point cap is to prevent dripping and to stop unwanted debris and water from entering into the fill pipe. Whilst they are primarily sold as a diesel or oil tank cap, they are a multipurpose solution that can be used with any compatible fluid.

The plastic fuel tank filler cap is a basic option when no additional security is required, and benefits from small lugs positioned around the cap and an alloy chain and clip to make it easier to fit and remove by hand. 

Features of the Plastic Oil Tank Fill Cap:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
MF6152 2" BSP Plastic Screw Fuel Tank Filler Cap Body - Plastic
Chain - Alloy
2" F BSP
£3.55 ex. VAT