Piusibox Electric AdBlue™ Extraction Pump

34ltr Per Min (230v)

Piusibox AdBlue Pump for Car Suction

About the product

This Piusibox AdBlue™ Extraction Pump is a self-priming AC membrane pump kit designed for removing AdBlue™ from the vehicle’s tank in a service environment quickly and cleanly. Before refilling, the AdBlue™ tank of a vehicle is often emptied of any dregs to ensure that the new fluid added is not contaminated by any dirt that may have found its way into the vehicle. Another application that this AdBlue™ transfer pump kit is designed for is the vehicle scrap market where the fuels and fluids inside the vehicle need extracting prior to dismantling. 

Also included in this Piusi kit is a 2m small bore plastic tubing for inserting into the vehicle tank, and 2m of tubing for inserting into the container where the old AdBlue™ is collected. All components of the electric AdBlue™ pump kit can be neatly packed away within the handy and compact carry box that aids convenient transportation and storage. 

Features of the Piusibox Pump for Removing AdBlue:

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Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
F00201R20 Piusibox AdBlue™ Extraction Pump Max Flow (lpm) – 34
230v AdBlue™ Pump
2m suction plastic tubing
2m delivery plastic tubing
Carry box
£503.40 ex. VAT