Piusi Vantage 24v & 12v Diesel Transfer Pump

60ltrs Per Min (12v / 24v)

Vantage 12v Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump Vantage 12v Refuelling Pump

About the product

The Piusi Vantage DC portable diesel transfer pump has been designed to satisfy the requirements for the on-board refuelling on plant machinery and equipment. Thanks to their new level of intelligence, these 24v and 12v fuel transfer pumps monitor their own operation and performance and slow the refuelling pump down as it gets hot. This Italian made 12v diesel transfer pump enables high performance, whilst protecting the user from unnecessary costs caused by overheating due to its intelligent monitoring. The Vantage DC diesel fuel transfer pump has an electronic control box which comes mounted as standard on top of the pump, but can be mounted remotely if required. The refuelling pump comes with an LED for monitoring operation status and stored memory events.

This cast iron, rotary vane 24 or 12 volt fuel transfer pump has an incorporated bypass valve and pump attachment support bracket. This Piusi fuel pump is innovative in design and compact in size, and with the optional accessories available (see accessories table), it can be mounted multiple ways.

Features of the Vantage Portable Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump:

Read why you should accept nothing less than the market leading, Italian manufacturer of fluid handling equipment.

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
F0033700A Piusi BP3000 Vantage 12v Diesel Transfer Pump Max Flow (lpm) - 60
Ports - 3/4" Push Fit
Duty - Self Controlled
On/Off Switch
£313.25 ex. VAT
F0033801A Piusi BP3000 Vantage 24v Diesel Transfer Pump Max Flow (lpm) - 60
Ports - 3/4" Push Fit
Duty - Self Controlled
On/Off Switch
£320.75 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
F16172000 Straight Hose Tail Kit (pack of 2)
Ports - 3/4" Hosetail
£13.4500 ex. VAT
F16173000 90 Degree Hose Tail Kit (pack of 1)
Ports - 3/4" Hosetail
£9.5000 ex. VAT
F16178000 90 Degree Flanged Elbow (pack of 1)
Ports - 1" F - BSP
£11.5000 ex. VAT