Piusi Vacubox Oil Extractor

10ltrs Per Min (230v)

Piusi Vacubox Oil Extractor Pump Vacubox Oil Extractor Four Probe Vacubox Kit

About the product

The Piusi Vacubox Oil Extractor is a powerful, wall mounted oil extraction unit, designed for small to medium workshops where clean, spill-free oil removal from vehicles is required. With these Piusi oil extractors, there is no need to lift the vehicle or to remove the sump plug, as the Vacubox’s probes insert into the dipstick port, allowing the oil to be sucked from the engine sump. The unit automatically stops once the oil extraction is complete.

Features of the Vacubox Waste Oil Extraction Unit:

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Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
F00500A00 Piusi Vacubox Oil Extractor 230v
Max Flow (lpm) - 10
Inlet/Outlet - 1/2" F BSP
Noise - 65dB
£887.10 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
R08308000 Vacubox 2m Suction Hose Kit
£52.3000 ex. VAT
R08309000 Vacubox 4 Probe Kit
£69.8500 ex. VAT
R12737000 Vacubox Wall Mounting Kit
£45.5000 ex. VAT