Piusi Premium Manual AdBlue™ IBC Pump Kit

380ml Per Rev (approx.)

Piusi AdBlue Hand Pump for IBC

About the product

The Piusi Premium Rotary Manual AdBlue™ Pump is specially designed for the transfer of AdBlue™ (DEF) from a square bar IBC, where there is no access to power or where the quantity dispensed is not high enough to warrant a more expensive electric pump.

Thanks to its careful design and Italian construction, this Piusi pump has a higher specification compared to other AdBlue™ hand pumps on the market in several ways. Benefitting from a Stainless Steel outer casing as opposed to plastic, this Piusi AdBlue™ pump is more durable, giving it a longer life span. It also has a much smoother operation for the user thanks to its rolling hand grip and quality internals.

Designed specifically as AdBlue™ IBC pump, this IBC plate mounted kit comes complete with suction and delivery hose, with 19mm stainless steel spout, which comes with spout stopper to reduce crystallisation that can cause mess and blockages. The SEC Connector in the picture is supplied separately to this AdBlue™ transfer pump – see Accessories table.

Please note: This IBC AdBlue™ pump kit is designed for fitting to the top bar of a squared bar IBC only. If you have a round bar or want to fit it to lower bars when the IBC is on a bund, see this version.

Features of the Piusi AdBlue™ Hand Pump Kit for IBCs:

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Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
F00332B00 Piusi Premium Rotary Manual IBC AdBlue™ Pump Max Flow – 380ml per revolution
1m suction hose
2.5m delivery hose
19mm s/s spout with stopper
Stainless steel IBC bracket
£255.50 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
F153390HT Piusi SEC IBC Connector
£32.4000 ex. VAT