Piusi Self Service B.SMART AdBlue™ Management System

AdBlue™ Dispenser (Cloud Based)

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About the product

The Piusi Self Service B.SMART AdBlue™ Management System is a compact, freestanding dispensing unit which offers authorised users fast and precise dispensing from an AdBlue storage tank™ with fluid monitoring features. Like the Piusi Self Service MC AdBlue™ this fluid management system is a sturdy, all in one unit with integrated AdBlue™ transfer pump, nozzle, pulse meter and 70 micron particle filter, with the additional benefit of the B.SMART software from industry-leading manufacturer Piusi.

B.SMART is the first cloud-based fuel management system from Piusi, providing fleet managers with remote and real-time data online on their fuel use. Using a licenced app on the driver’s iOS or Android mobile device, the system will dispense once activated via Bluetooth. Then when the transaction is complete, the system will send the data using the network data on the driver’s mobile phone. This enables real-time monitoring of multiple dispensers across unlimited geographical sites through a single user-friendly online web portal via the PC, tablet or smartphone wherever you are, saving the need to compile separate reports or visit all of the sites. 

One of the largest benefits of the Piusi B.SMART is that there are no ongoing subscription or hosting fees to account for – you simply buy the system and that's it! Something which is unlike other cloud-based fuel management systems on the market.

As well as being able to view up to date transaction reports by date, the quantity of fluid taken, driver, vehicle and dispenser, the fleet manager can also remotely control who can dispense by adding and removing driver access to the pump. The Piusi B.SMART online fuel management system will only allow those drivers set with a mobile app licence by the manager to dispense and therefore prevents unauthorised use. 

To make the B.SMART AdBlue management system even smarter and monitor and manage your site easily, you can add the Tank Watchdog module and the Fuel Economy model. To find more about the B.Smart ads ons see the accessory table below. 

For a detailed description of the full Piusi B.SMART benefits, please click here to view the brochure.

Features of the Piusi Self Service B.SMART AdBlue™ Monitoring System:


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Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
F00748020 Piusi Self Service B.SMART AdBlue Management System - 10 Driver Access Licences Max Flow (lpm) - 34
AdBlue™ Transfer Pump
Nozzle Type - SB325
Pulse Meter - K24
Filter - 70 micron
10 Driver App Licences
£3296.30 ex. VAT
F00748050 Piusi Self Service B.SMART AdBlue Management System - 20 Driver Access Licences Max Flow (lpm) - 34
AdBlue™ Transfer Pump
Nozzle Type - SB325
Pulse Meter - K24
Filter - 70 micron
20 Driver App Licences
£3519.50 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
F00770L20 Pisui B.SMART Tank Watchdog Module
Monitor the tank level in real-time
Gives alarms and notifications in case of malfunction or low levels.
Record delivery date, price, invoice number and litres receive
£907.8000 ex. VAT
F00770F20 Piusi B.SMART Fuel Economy Module
Remotely monitor AdBlue consumption and miles per gallon
Set AdBlue consumption limits
Run detailed fuel consumption reports and spotting deviations vs standard
Add, check and manage the on-road refuellings.
£642.6000 ex. VAT