Piusi SEC IBC Connectors

3/4" M BSP or Hose Tail

Piusi SEC IBC Connector

About the product

The Piusi SEC IBC Connectors have been designed by Piusi to overcome issues associated with the traditional lever based CDS connector. These IBC connectors work by screwing the valve open/closed without acting any angular pressure on the IBC connection point. Once connected, the SEC valve ensures that the AdBlue™ is not contaminated by the surrounding environment of the IBC tank. These come as standard with the Suzzara Blue IBC AdBlue pump kits.

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
F15339000 PIUSI SEC IBC Connector Inlet - CDS / SEC
Outlet - 3/4" M BSP
Material - Polypropylene / Mixed
£30.00 ex. VAT
F153390HT PIUSI SEC IBC Connector & Hose Tail Inlet - CDS / SEC
Outlet - 90 degree 19mm Hose Tail
Material - Polypropylene / Mixed
£34.25 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
F15606000 IBC CDS Suction Tube (960 mm)
Inlet - Trisure 56 x 4 Male
Outlet - CDS / SEC
Material - HDPE / Mixed
£68.1000 ex. VAT