Piusi SB325_X Automatic AdBlue™ Magnetic Nozzle c/w Meter

45ltrs Per Min (Auto)

Piusi SB325_X AdBlue Nozzle c/w Meter & Breakaway Spout Piusi Magnetic AdBlue Nozzle

About the product

The Piusi SB325_X AdBlue™ Magnetic Nozzle is designed for use in conjunction with the ELAFIX 40 adaptor in order to prevent the costly miss-filling of AdBlue into the diesel tank. This magnetic spout nozzle will only allow fluid to pass once it has been magnetically opened by an AdBlue magnetic adaptor fitted within the vehicle filler neck. Therefore, by using this AdBlue nozzle you cannot physically dispense into the wrong tank, as the diesel fill point will not contain a magnet.

The miss-filling of AdBlue™ into the diesel tank is a common issue and will be costly for the vehicle owner to put right. AdBlue™ is not compatible with many materials and miss-filling can corrode the pipework and components of a fuel system – resulting in thousands of pounds of damage, as well as having to pay for the removal of AdBlue™ from the tank.

This AdBlue dispensing nozzle also benefits from a breakaway spout mechanism. This means that if the vehicle accidentally drives away with the nozzle still positioned in the vehicle's fill point, the spout will detach from the nozzle. This means that damage will be limited to the spout only which can be replaced as a spare part, and the AdBlue pump system connected to the storage tank will not be pulled away. Thanks to the integral turbine flow meter, this AdBlue™ nozzle has the added functionality for the user to conveniently view how much fluid has been dispensed into the vehicle.

Constructed of plastic but with a sturdy, stainless steel spout, this Piusi nozzle is a lightweight, cost effective alternative to the completely stainless steel automatic AdBlue™ nozzles on the market. Like these more expensive models, it still reliably shuts off dispensing when the AdBlue tank becomes full to prevent any overspill.

Please note: Only for use with AdBlue pumps - not suitable for gravity fed installations.

Features of the SB325_X AdBlue™ Dispensing Nozzle:

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Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
F00618M50 Piusi SB325_X Automatic AdBlue Magnetic Nozzle c/w Flow Meter & Breakaway Spout Max Flow Rate (lpm) - 45
Max Pressure (Bar) - 3.5
Spout OD (mm) - 19
Inlet - 3/4" Plastic Hose Barb
Integral Flow Meter
Magnetic Miss-Filling Spout c/w Breakaway Mechanism
AdBlue, Water and Chemicals
£406.85 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
R19172000 Magnetic Miss-Filling Spout
Prevents the miss-filling of AdBlue into a diesel tank by only releasing fluid into a vehicle tank that has a magnetic adaptor
£61.1500 ex. VAT
F15165000 Elafix 40 Vehicle Tank Magnetic Adaptor
Fit into a vehicle's AdBlue fill point to use alongside the magnetic spout to prevent miss-filling of AdBlue into diesel tank.
This is often already inserted in the vehicle at manufacturing stage.
£44.1000 ex. VAT
F18400000 Nozzle Override Magnetic Adaptor
Allows a magnetic spout to dispense when not in contact with a vehicle tank magnetic adaptor e.g. when filling a smaller container or if you have some vehicles with a tank adaptor and some without
£25.8000 ex. VAT
F19174000 Nozzle Magnetic Adaptor + Spout
Kit combination of the magnetic miss-filling spout and the nozzle magnetic adaptor
£116.0000 ex. VAT