Piusi MCO GO Oil Management System

Control Unit, GPV valves & optional accessories

Control Unit 8 Port Switch GPV Valve

About the product

The MCO GO is the brand new, plug and play fuel management system from Piusi to manage and monitor the use of oil and other fluids in a garage environment. Suitable for not just oil but other workshop fluids such as windscreen, AdBlue™ and diesel, the MCO GO is a centralised system for monitoring the consumption of all fluids in one place for the manager’s convenience.

The MCO GO provides rapid and precise refuelling, optimised costs, time saving opportunities, waste elimination and the chance to improve the profitability of the business. It’s simple to install and use and is the ideal fluid management system for workshops that store fluids in bulk, rather than use costly, throwaway jerry cans and bottles.

So how does the MCO GO work?

The touchscreen control unit is where works orders are created and activated – i.e. David to dispense 26 litres of SAE 10W-60 Oil at Bay 3. Operations can also be viewed on the unit, whether it be scheduled, in progress or completed dispenses.

Four different types of GPV valve are available for this garage management system; for oil, windscreen fluid, AdBlue™ and diesel. These solenoid valves come with integrated meter to start the pump dispensing when activated on the touch screen and end it once the set quantity of fluid has been used. You can select up to a maximum of 6 GPV valves depending upon how many dispensing systems you want to add. For those of you who have existing systems in place, a universal control unit is available to connect to current valves and pulse meters.

A network device called an 8 port switch can also be used with the control unit if you wish to connect to the option of a ticket printer; connected via LAN for paper copies of each completed operation, as well as up to 6 GPV valves.

As standard, the dispensing transactions for the specified period can be exported from the control unit via a USB stick for viewing in spreadsheet format on the manager’s computer.

Cloud software coming soon…

Features of the MCO GO Garage Management System:


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Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
F00776C00 MCO GO Control Unit c/w 8 Port Switch Touchscreen Control Unit
8 Port Switch
£1191.10 ex. VAT
F00446010 GPV Bi Valve Oil Solenoid Valve for Oil
Max Flow (lpm) - 30
£781.50 ex. VAT
F00466030 GPV Windscreen Solenoid Valve for Windscreen Fluid
Max Flow (lpm) - 30
£851.80 ex. VAT
F00446070 GPV AdBlue™ Solenoid Valve for AdBlue™
Max Flow (lpm) - 120
£1029.90 ex. VAT
F00446080 GPV Diesel Solenoid Valve for Diesel
Max Flow (lpm) - 100
£904.15 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
F00446050 Universal Control Unit to Connect to Existing Valves & Pulse Meters
£570.3000 ex. VAT
F22527000 Ticket Printer
£290.5000 ex. VAT
F20112000 Wall Mount Bracket Kit
£74.6500 ex. VAT
F00779010 Easyview Rigid Spout Nozzle c/w Meter to Display the GPV Dispensing Reading
£303.5000 ex. VAT