Piusi MCO 2.0 Oil Management System

Software, GPV Bi-valve & Easyview Nozzle

Piusi MCO 2.0 Oil Management System - GPV Valve Piusi MCO 2.0 Oil Management System - Easyview Nozzle Piusi MCO 2.0 Oil Management System - Software

About the product

The Piusi MCO 2.0 is much more than just an oil management system; it’s designed to give the manager complete control over their garage. It helps to plan and monitor all jobs, including mechanic task scheduling for each bay, as well as managing the accurate dispensing of fluids. The MCO 2.0 oil monitoring system consists of a basic installation which includes USB software, a GPV Bi-valve and an Easyview nozzle.

The USB software gives the user control of up to 30 GPVs, as well as giving you the capability of many more garage activities. The GPV Bi-valve is made up of two solenoids; a larger one that dispenses at full flow and shuts off when the transaction is almost complete, and a smaller one which then allows the remaining fluid to trickle through for accuracy – one GPV is needed per dispensing reel. The Easyview nozzle is a manual nozzle with LCD display, which shows the user what the GPV has dispensed.

A MCO 2.0 wall mounted and touchscreen table control units are also available, as well as bay information screens and customer progress TV modules. Please call our sales team on 0121 351 4445 for more information.

This Piusi oil management system gives the user complete garage management functionality by enabling you to monitor and control jobs, manage your workers’ time and tasks, monitor and display tanks on site and manage workshop areas.

With complete management functionality it allows you to view how much of a job is complete and the tasks that are outstanding, view what workers are currently busy, what bay they’re working in and who is free to perform a task, view the quantity of fluid left in a container for stock monitoring and colour code reels for easy reference, such as all oil reels one colour and all antifreeze another.

For more detailed features and benefits of the Piusi MCO 2.0 oil monitoring system, please click here to view the datasheet.

Features of the MCO 2.0 Garage Management System:

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Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
CTS2095 Piusi MCO 2.0 Basic Installation Kit USB PC Software
GPV Bi-valve ½"F BSP
Easyview Rigid Spout Nozzle
Max Flow Rate – 30lpm
£3436.55 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
F00774010 MCO 2.0 USB Software
£2443.9000 ex. VAT
F00446010 GPV 2.0 Bi-Valve ½"F BSP
£719.5000 ex. VAT
F00779010 Easyview Rigid Spout Nozzle
£276.2700 ex. VAT