Piusi K900 Fuel Pulse Meter

Diesel/Antifreeze (50-500ltr Per Min)

Piusi K900 Digital Fuel Flow Meter

About the product

The Piusi K900 Fuel Pulse Meter is designed to measure the dispensing of diesel and anti-freeze through an oval gear system at a maximum flow rate of 500 lpm. These Piusi diesel pulse meters are used when the fuel delivery information needs to be accessed somewhere other than the pumping system. They are therefore often used in conjunction with an external management system or display. The K900 fuel flow meter with pulse output is often used for industrial use and the private delivery of fluids.

Features of the K900 Diesel Flow Meter with Pulse Output:

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Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
499020 Piusi K900 Diesel Pulse Meter Max Flow (lpm) - 500
10 pulses per ltr
Pressure (bar)-(psi) 20-284
Fluid Viscosity: 5-5000 cSt
Max Fluid Temperature - +60Âșc
Inlet Strainer - 400 Micron
3" F BSP Flanged
IP Rating: IP65
£2646.60 ex. VAT