Piusi K600 B/3 Fuel Pulse Meter

Digital (6-60 or 10-100ltrs Per Min)

Piusi K600 B/3 Pulse Meter

About the product

Piusi have added the K600 B/3 Fuel Pulse Meter to their extensive range, featuring a larger 80mm digital display screen for easier reading and viewing. The Piusi K600B/3 diesel pulse meter and obtains the same functions as the flow meter, with the addition of sending the meter’s reading to a system elsewhere – such as a fuel management system or a computer equipped with the appropriate software. Thanks to its integrated visual display, the K600 B/3 is the first pulse meter from Piusi that doesn't require a remote display in order to view transactions at the dispensing point. 

Another benefit of this fuel flow meter with pulse output is that it has a variable pulse ratio. Different fuel management systems have different pulse ratios, so now the K600 B/3’s pulse ratio can be adjusted, it is more flexible in terms of the fuel management systems it can be used with. The fuel counter has a maximum flow rate of 100 lpm and the oval gear keeps accuracy at a high level and loss of pressure low. The K600B/3 diesel pulse meter is the perfect answer for industrial applications and private fuel distribution. The K600 B/3 can also come as an oil pulse meter and has a maximum flow rate of 60 lpm.

Features of the K600 B/3 Diesel Flow Meter with Pulse Output:

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Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
492000 Piusi K600 B/3 - Diesel Pulse Meter Max Flow 100 lpm
80 mm digital display
Variable pulses per litre settings
30 bar/426 psi max. pressure
1” BSP Flanged
For Diesel
£414.55 ex. VAT
492010 Piusi K600 B/3 - Oil Pulse Meter Max Flow 60 lpm
80 mm digital display
Variable pulses per litre settings
70 bar/994 psi max. pressure
3/4" BSP Flanged
For Oil
£431.75 ex. VAT