Piusi K500 Preset Oil Nozzle

30ltrs Per Min (Meter)

K500 Preset Oil Nozzle

About the product

The Piusi K500 Preset Oil Nozzle is designed to perform the pre-selected dispensing of oil through use of its automatic spout. Using this spout, the meter incorporated in the nozzle automatically closes the valve when the pre-selected quantity has been dispensed. These Piusi oil nozzles have a trigger protection to prevent accidental operation outside of the pre-select dispense, and a pressure moulded body that is resistant to high pressures.

Features of the K500 Oil Dispensing Nozzle:

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Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
68700B Piusi K500 Oil Nozzle Preset Max Flow Rate (lpm) - 30
Max Pressure (Bar) - 70
Spout OD (mm) - 14
Inlet Filter - 400micron
Inlet - 1/2" F BSP Swivel
4 x AA Batteries - 1.5v
For lubricating oils - not suitable for dielectric oils
£523.30 ex. VAT