Piusi K44 Fuel Pulse Meter

Multi-fluid (20-120ltr Per Min)

Piusi K44 Fuel Pulse Meter

About the product

The Piusi K44 Fuel Pulse Meter was developed to accurately count how much diesel has been used, using a nutating disk system. This Piusi diesel pulse meter is suitable for use in industrial applications where fluid delivery control is required at highly accurate levels. They can also be used in conjunction with a non-commercial fuel delivery pump either part of or externally inline. The K44 fuel flow meter with pulse output is a cost effective solution to measuring the flow of fuel up to 9999.9 litres at a time. Thanks to their wide flow range, these Piusi flow meters are compatible with a range of pumping installations.

Features of the K44 Diesel Flow Meter with Pulse Output:

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Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
56500A Piusi K44 Diesel Pulse Meter Max Flow (lpm) - 120
10 pulses per ltr
Pressure (bar)-(psi) 10-145
Fluid Viscosity: 2-5.35 cSt
Max Fluid Temperature - +60Âșc
1" F BSP
£452.15 ex. VAT