Piusi K33 Fuel Flow Meter

Mechanical (20-120ltr Per Min)

Piusi K33 Mechanical Fuel Flow Meter Piusi K33 Fuel Flow Meter Installation on Wall Mounted Kit Piusi K33 Meter Installation

About the product

The Piusi K33 mechanical fuel flow meter measures the exact quantity of the dispensed diesel fuel or oil through a nutating disk system. Popular on OEM tank manufacturer pump kits, this fuel counter meter is able to measure up to 999.9 litres.  K33 flow meter has a mechanical display that indicates to the user how much fuel has been used. Made by Italian manufacturer Piusi, the K33 oil and diesel flow meters are reliable, easy to install and calibrate options, whilst still being cost effective due to its mechanical rather than digital design.

Thanks to its flow range the Piusi K33 diesel fuel flow meter is compatible with many different pump installations. This combined with the fact that its face can be rotated to allow the flow from four directions makes this Piusi flow meter a flexible solution (flows left to right as standard). Watch this video on how to change the flow direction of the Piusi K33 meter to meet your installation requirements. 

If you need a fuel flow meter for use in flammable environments, we offer the Piusi K33 ATEX version, suitable for dispensing gasoline, kerosene and diesel dispensed in a highly flammable environment.

Features of the K33 Oil & Diesel Fuel Flow Meter:

Read why you should accept nothing less than the market leading, Italian manufacturer of fluid handling equipment.

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
553000 Piusi K33 Flow Meter - Diesel Max Flow (lpm) - 120
Pressure (bar)-(psi) 3.5-50
1" F BSP
3 digit resettable totaliser
6 digit non-resettable totaliser
£154.00 ex. VAT
558000 Piusi K33 Flow Meter - Oil Max Flow (lpm) - 120
Pressure (bar)-(psi) 10-145
1" F BSP
3 digit resettable totaliser
6 digit non-resettable totaliser
Max Viscosity (cSt) - 2000
£179.70 ex. VAT