Piusi K24 AdBlue™ Flow Meter

Digital (6-100ltr Per Min)

K24 AdBlue Flow Meter

About the product

The Piusi K24 AdBlue™ Flow Meter is a reliable and accurate turbine digital flow meter designed to measure the quantity of AdBlue™, water, windscreen fluid or cattle milk (not for human consumption). This AdBlue™ meter is a lightweight, compact solution that can be fitted inline or at the end of the delivery nozzle for the easiest possible reading, and benefits from a rotatable face for flexible installation.

Thanks to its low minimum flow rate, the K24 can be used under gravity fed conditions as well as pumping conditions. This is the flow meter used within all metered Piusi Suzzara Blue AdBlue™ pump kits and is also available incorporated into an AdBlue™ nozzle.

We also offer a Piusi K24 flow meter for accurately measuring the quantity of diesel dispensed, in case you need a meter for measuring diesle transfer. 

Features of the K24 AdBlue™ Meter:

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Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
F0040710A Piusi K24 AdBlue™ Flow Meter Max Flow (lpm) - 100
Pressure (bar)-(psi) 10-145
Fluid Viscosity: 2-5.35 cSt
Max Fluid Temperature - +50ºc
1" M BSP c/w socket
5 digit partial totaliser
6 digit totaliser
IP Rating: IP65
£201.35 ex. VAT