Piusi Greaster Dispensing Nozzle

Grease (Nozzle Meter)

Greaster Dispensing Nozzle

About the product

The Piusi Greaster Nozzle is a new grease dispenser, which is equipped with an oval gear meter to measure and display the exact amount of grease dispensed. This Piusi grease nozzle has a resettable batch total, which provides complete control over the lubrication operation, and the cumulative total provides a constantly updated record of grease consumption.

Features of the Greaster Grease Nozzle:

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Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
431000 Piusi Greaster gr/kg c/w Rigid Spout & Z Swivel Max Flow Rate (kgpm) - 2.5
Max Pressure (Bar)-(Psi) - 550-7977
Rigid Spout
Z Swivel
Inlet - 1⁄4" F BSP
Outlet - M 10 x 1
£501.80 ex. VAT