Piusi E300 Electric Diesel Transfer Pump

550ltrs Per Min (230v)

Piusi E300 Diesel Transfer Pump

About the product

The Piusi E300 Diesel Transfer Pump is a self-priming, electric pump specifically designed for the high flow transfer of diesel. Being mains-powered, this Piusi diesel pump is ideal for static installations where high quantities of diesel need to be dispensed quickly for example decanting from one fuel tank to another. This has therefore been a popular electric fuel transfer pump solution for tank engineers and suppliers needing to drain an existing tank of diesel before decomissioning it and installing its replacement.

The incorporated check valve in the suction port ensures that this diesel fuel transfer pump is protected against the siphoning effect and guarantees automatic re-priming once it has been initially primed.

Features of the E300 Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump:

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Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
F00321000 Piusi E300 High Flow Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump Max Flow (lpm) - 550
Ports - 2" BSP
£701.60 ex. VAT