Piusi Drum Trolleys


Drum Trolley - 2 Wheels Drum Trolley - 4 Wheels

About the product

The Piusi Drum Trolleys are part of Piusi’s new range of products for the lubrication market, however these drum trolleys can be used for drums containing any liquid including grease and oil.

These sturdy drum trollies are for the easy manoeuvring of a drum around a garage or workshop, and come equipped with a holster for supporting the dispensing hose. There are different models available, which have either 2 or 4 wheels, and the size of the trolley depends upon the size of the drum you are using.

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Features of the Piusi Drum Trolley:

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Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
F20595000 Drum Trolley 12.5-30kg Wheels – 2
For Drum Size – 12.5-30kg
For Any Fluid
£89.30 ex. VAT
F19965000 Drum Trolley 30-60kg Wheels – 4
For Drum Size – 30-60kg
For Any Fluid
£188.10 ex. VAT
F19966000 Drum Trolley 180-200kg Wheels – 4
For Drum Size – 180-200kg
For Any Fluid
£377.80 ex. VAT