Piusi Cube 90 Electric Diesel Transfer Pump

90ltrs Per Min (230v)

Piusi Cube 90 Fuel Dispenser Pump

About the product

The Piusi Cube 90 electric diesel transfer pump has been developed to have a higher flow and is therefore a 90lpm version of the industry renowned Piusi Cube 56 & Cube 70 Fuel Dispensers. Thanks to its quicker dispensing performance, this refuelling pump is designed for filling larger vehicle tanks and therefore, rather than coming with a K33 flow meter, comes wtih a K44. The K44 is a four digit mechanical flow meter used for refuelling large vehicles, where a four digit amount of fuel is more likely to be dispensed in a single transaction. This Piusi electric fuel transfer pump also comes with an Auto 120 nozzle, due to the pump being too quick for use with the standard Auto 60 or Auto 80 nozzle. This fuel dispenser comes with an in-built nozzle holder with a pump start lever and automatic pump stop functionality when the nozzle is returned, making operating the pump an easy process.

This Italian manufactured Piusi diesel pump unit, allows fast and safe refuelling of large vehicles, whilst measuring the quantites of fuel being dispensed. Similarly to the Cube 56 and 70, the Cube 90 can be installed on drums with the optional 2” quick coupling, or can be mounted freestanding using a pedestal. A wall support kit is also available in order to fit the Cube 90 refuelling pump onto a wall or side of a fuel storage tank.

Please note: The Cube 90 has a 30 minute on, 30 minute off duty cycle

Features of the Cube 90 Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump:

Read why you should accept nothing less than the market leading, Italian manufacturer of fluid handling equipment.

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
59200A Piusi Cube 90 230v Fuel Transfer Pump 50Hz Max flow (lpm) - 90
230v Diesel Transfer Pump
Flow meter - 4 digit
Nozzle type -Auto 120
Ports - 1" F BSP
Duty cycle - 30min
£810.10 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
F12708 Cube Pedestal
£255.9000 ex. VAT
F12737 Cube Wall Support Kit
£44.4000 ex. VAT
8930 Quick Coupling 1" x 2"
£35.6500 ex. VAT