Piusi B.SMART Fuel Economy Module

Fuel Management System Add On

Piusi B.SMART Fuel Economy Module

About the product

Piusi B.SMART Fuel Economy is an add-on module to the B.SMART cloud-based fuel management system to remotely monitor fuel consumption, miles per gallon and manages driver and vehicle activity. By simply adding this smart and intuitive Fuel Economy add-on to your Piusi B.SMART fuel management system, you can extend its power, having full control over your site and increase the profitability of your fleet. To have a complete view of the site’s fuel consumption, there is the ability to manually add external refills at service stations and run reports by vehicle or driver to spot deviations in actual MPG versus manufacturer specified MPG to identify vehicle issues or undesirable driving behaviour. 

Piusi B.SMART Fuel Economy add-on allows you to organise the fleet and manage consumption limits by quickly setting up driver details and controls. These include how much fuel they can dispense in a time period and what hours they can refill and restrict what vehicles they can refill. To identify drivers easy and run detailed reports, you can upload an image of the vehicle and the driver, registration, odometer, tank size and standard consumption, and categorise them into groups for reporting purposes such as by type of vehicle or contract. 

Thanks to the smart design of the Piusi Fuel Economy fuel management system add-on, you can generate QR code stickers for each vehicle to save the driver from manually adding the registration at the time of refuelling. This feature can save time during the refuelling and reduce the risk of human error.  


Features of Piusi B.SMART Fuel Economy: 

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
F00770F20 Piusi B.SMART Fuel Economy Module For use with Piusi B.SMART Fuel Management Systems.
Remotely monitor fuel consumption and miles per gallon
Set fuel consumption limits
Run detailed fuel consumption reports and spotting deviations vs standard
Add, check and manage the on-road refuellings.
£642.60 ex. VAT