Piusi A140 Automatic Diesel Nozzle

140ltrs Per Min (Auto)

Piusi Auto 140 Diesel Nozzle

About the product

The Piusi A140 diesel nozzle is automatic fuel nozzle design for private, non-resale refuelling of vehicles. This standard automatic diesel nozzle has strong aluminium housing encased in rubber that provides extra protection and makes the grip more comfortable even at low temperature.  As an automatic fuel pump nozzle, it will shut off when the tank is full, preventing an overfill scenario and allowing the safe use of the integrated 3 positions stay open latch. The Piusi Auto 140 has higher flow rate compared to A120 which makes it a perfect solution for high speed, powered diesel pump systems such as the Piusi E140 pump, and for refuelling vehicles with larger tanks such as large agricultural and plant machinery.

This Piusi refuelling nozzle is well known in the market as a reliable and comfortable to handle solution, without the added cost that comes with the forecourt style brands. The fuel nozzle is also available in lower flow rates versions (please see related products) should your pumping system require it.

Please note: Only for use with fuel pumps - not suitable for gravity fed installations.

Features of the Piusi Auto 140 Automatic Fuel Nozzle:

Read why you should accept nothing less than the market leading, Italian manufacturer of fluid handling equipment.

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
610200 Piusi A140 Standard Automatic Diesel Nozzle 140lpm Max Flow Rate (lpm) - 20-140
Max Pressure (Bar) - 3.5
Spout OD (mm) - 29
Inlet - 1" F BSP Swivel
£168.85 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
F11806000 Piusi Adjustable Nozzle Holster - Metal
£28.8000 ex. VAT
R15244000 Piusi Nozzle Support - Plastic
£16.4500 ex. VAT