Piusi 5:1 Air Operated Oil Pump

15.5ltrs Per Min (5:1 ratio)

Piusi 5:1 Oil Pump - Stub Piusi 5:1 Oil Pump - Long

About the product

Now available is the Piusi “Pro + Silent” air operated oil pump range; part of their growing offering to the oil and lubrication market. The design of these air oil pumps has been carefully considered to ensure high performance and long service life within garage and workshop environments. These 5:1 air powered oil transfer pumps are designed for the transfer of high viscosity oils over medium to long distances. There are stub and long length models available for wall or drum mounting respectively, and a range of optional accessories available for use alongside the new Piusi pump range (see below for the accessories table). 

Read our guide for a more detailed description of the design benefits of this air operated pump, and what makes it better than other offerings.

Please refer to our viscosity chart to check whether this oil dispensing pump is suitable for use with your oil.

Features of the Piusi 5:1 Air Operated Oil Transfer Pump:

Read why you should accept nothing less than the market leading, Italian manufacturer of fluid handling equipment.

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
F0021401A Piusi 5:1 Air Oil Pump 175mm (Stub) Max Flow (lpm) – 15.5
Ratio – 5.5:1
Suction Pipe – 175mm
Air Pressure (bar) – 3-8
Air Consumption (lpm) – 200-250
Air Inlet – ¼” F
Outlet – ½” M BSP
£303.05 ex. VAT
F0021403A Piusi 5:1 Air Oil Pump 940mm (Long) Max Flow (lpm) –15.5
Ratio – 5.5:1
Suction Pipe – 940mm
Air Pressure (bar) – 3-8
Air Consumption (lpm) – 200-250
Air Inlet – ¼” F
Outlet – ½” M BSP
£341.75 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
F19979000 Drip Tray
£55.6000 ex. VAT
F19975000 Suction Pipe 385mm
£29.0500 ex. VAT
F19976000 Suction Pipe 555mm
£30.1000 ex. VAT
F19977000 Suction Pipe 765mm
£27.2000 ex. VAT
F19978000 Suction Pipe 955mm
£30.8500 ex. VAT
F19972000 Kit Suction Pipe
£145.0000 ex. VAT
F19973000 2m MxF ½” Oil Hose
£32.5000 ex. VAT
F19974000 5m MxF ½” Oil Hose
£68.0500 ex. VAT
F19965000 20-60kg Drum Trolley
£178.0500 ex. VAT
F19966000 180-200kg Drum Trolley
£357.8500 ex. VAT