Normond C Series Fuel Tank Gauge

Hydrostatic (Calibrated)

Normond C/E Series Fuel Tank Gauge

About the product

The Normond C Series Hydrostatic Fuel Tank Gauge, along with all Normond gauges, is a popular fuel tank level indicator for commercial sites. This is because due to featuring a hand pump mechanism, these fuel tank level gauges require no power, making them ideal for hazardous environments.

The C Series Normand Gauges give a level reading in volume, weight or height and are suitable for tanks up to 3 metres high using the standard capillary balance chamber provided. However, they can work with tanks up to 9 metres high if used with the optional alternative balance chambers. This fuel tank contents gauge must be individually calibrated to the size of your tank.

Please find the downloadable calibration questionnaire, which must be filled in and sent to upon ordering this gauge. This fuel tank gauge is made to order, so please be aware there is a lead time of up to 10-15 working days.

Features of the Normond C Series Hydrostatic Fuel Tank Level Gauge:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
OAB6000 Normond Hydrostatic C Series Fuel Tank Level Gauge Reading Type: Volume
Tank Height (mm) - 1000-3000
Capillary Length (m) - 10
Capillary Type - PVC
Brass Balance Chamber Weight
Balance Chamber Fitting: 1/2" M BSP
Max Working Temperature: +38Âșc
Diesel, kerosene and other fluids
£507.70 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
OAB6001S Extra Capillary Tubing per metre
£4.4500 ex. VAT
OAB6004 Normond Pump and Valve Assembly
£113.0000 ex. VAT