MTF 2000 Heating Oil Tank Gauge

Float Type (Percentage)

MTF 2000 Float Type Fuel Tank Gauge

About the product

The MTF 2000 Fuel Tank Float Gauge from Afriso is a cost effective, mechanical clock gauge that determines the a fuel tank’s contents, provided that the measuring range is adjusted to the tank’s height or diameter. Whilst also commonly used on diesel storage tanks, it is most popular as a domestic oil tank gauge. This oil tank level gauge provides a full scale reading displayed as a percentage, and is renowned for its high accuracy and long service life. These heating oil tank gauges are also very adaptable as they can fit both 2” and 1 1⁄2” BSP female threads on a tank, and are fully adjustable between tank heights of 900mm and 2000mm.

Features of the MTF 2000 Oil Tank Float Gauge:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
OAB3320 MTF2000 Fuel Tank Float Gauge Clock Type Face
Reading Type: 0-100%
Tank Height (ft/mm) - 3'0/904 to 6'7/2000
Gauge Fitting - 1 1/2" M BSP and 2" M BSP
Diesel, kerosene and biodiesel
£55.74 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
MF6164 2" Plastic Combi Fuel Tank Vent Cap For fitting the gauge to a tank with a vent hole
£9.6000 ex. VAT