Line Guardian Oil Leak Prevention System

1/2” x 3/8” F BSP

Line Guardian Oil Leak Prevention System

About the product

The Line Guardian is a double oil line leak prevention system designed to avoid loss of fuel often resulting in costly environmental clean ups. This leak prevention system will stop the flow of oil in the event of an oil leak, even though the Line Guardian is unlikely to leak in the first place.

The fail-safe mechanical valve which requires no electricity or calibration, connects to the tank outlet and only opens if the other end is fully pressurised. With a polyamide inner tube and convoluted stainless outer tube, the fuel line is exceptionally flexible and will not crack or break under repeated bending. However, if a split or pinhole does appear in the line, the loss of pressure shuts the safety valve immediately stopping oil from being released and leaking out.

This fuel line protection system is unlike any other system on the market and provides protection from the valve to the tank termination. The Line Guardian can be used instead of an anti-syphon valve and doesn’t require a vacuum to open. Furthermore in the event of a fire, a trigger in the valve will stop the flow of oil from the tank.

Please note: The oil line is sold separately to the valve and termination fitting to allow you to choose the length of inner and outer tubing that you need to cut down for your installation length.

Features of the Line Guardian Fuel Line Leak Prevention System:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
LGS080806CA Valve & Termination Fitting Set Inlet – ½” F BSP Cone
Outlet – 3/8” F BSP
£128.35 ex. VAT
LG108050 Oil Line Outer Tube 15m (50ft) OD – 20mm £103.40 ex. VAT
LG108250 Oil Line Outer Tube 76m (250ft) OD – 20mm £491.50 ex. VAT
LG206050 Oil Line Inner Tube 15m (50ft) OD – 9.6mm £37.50 ex. VAT
LG206250 Oil Line Inner Tube 76m (250ft) OD – 9.6mm £176.60 ex. VAT