LD120 Lever Hand Fuel Transfer Pump

1400ml Per Stroke (approx.)

LD120 Lever Hand Fuel Transfer Pump

About the product

The LD120 Hand Fuel Transfer Pump is a self-priming, single diaphragm lever pump designed for the high flow transfer of large volumes of diesel, oil and water. This manual fuel hand pump is a portable, lightweight floor standing site pump that is popular for a range of drainage and fuel dispensing applications. Complete with 6m suction hose and strainer for removing large debris, these fuel hand pumps are used within industries as diverse as MOD, shipping, construction, agriculture, and fire departments. 

Features of the LD120 Diaphragm Hand Fuel Pump:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
LD120 Lever Diaphragm Hand Fuel Transfer Pump 1400ml per stroke
6m suction hose
1 1/2" hose barb outlet
Diesel, oil, water
£497.95 ex. VAT