Kolor Kut Ullage Paste


Kolor Kut Ullage Paste

About the product

The Kolor Kut Ullage Paste, or gauging paste as it is otherwise known, is used to indicate the fuel level when no fuel tank gauge exists. It is also useful for underground tanks to indicate the space remaining. Ullage paste should be applied to a dipstick and lowered into the bottom of the fuel tank. The portion of the dipstick that comes into contact with the fuel will change colour showing how high the level is. The Kolor Kut gauging paste provides instant detection for all fluids, however heavy oils may take a few seconds.

Features of the Kolor Kut Tank Gauging Paste:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
SR7014 Kolor Kut Ullage Gauging Paste 62g
Working Time – Instant
Diesel, Oil, Petrol, Kerosene
£14.35 ex. VAT