HZ5 Domestic Heating Oil Meter

Mechanical (0.7-40ltrs Per Hour)

HZ5 Domestic Heating Oil Flow Meter

About the product

The HZ5 heating oil meter measures the quantity of fuel oil or keronese consumed accurately. This heating oil meter is robust and durable, and thanks to its clear display, the amount of oil consumed can easily be read off the meter. Ideal for domestic use, the HZ5 flow meters are suitable for mounting on all makes of burner, and can be retrofitted to any existing heating system. These fuel flow meters can be installed vertically in either a single or twin pipe system, with the display positioned horizontally and a backwards pitch of no more than 45 degrees.

Features of the HZ5 Domestic Oil Meter:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
OE0046 HZ5 Domestic Oil Meter Max Flow (lph) - 40
Pressure (bar)-(psi) 25 - 362
Boiler Capacity (kW) - 7-400
1⁄8" F DIN 3852-X-G
7 digit non-resettable totaliser
Max Fluid Temperature - +70ºc
£296.00 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
OE0046B Wall Bracket for HZ5 Oil Meter
£12.3500 ex. VAT
OE0046F Compression Converter for HZ5 Oil Meter
1/8" F BSP to 10mm
£17.1000 ex. VAT