Husky Eagle Aviation Fuel Nozzle

380ltrs Per Min (Manual)

Husky Eagle Aviation Fuel Nozzle

About the product

The Husky Eagle Aviation Fuel Nozzle is designed specifically for applications involving over the wing refuelling of aircraft. It is a heavy duty, high flow manual refuelling nozzle with handle guard and side protection. Supplied with both a duck bill jet fuel spout and a round aviation fuel spout, this Husky nozzle is suitable for AVGAS, AVJET A1, Aspen 2 and Aspen 4.

This refuelling nozzle benefits from easy operation, fingertip sensitivity, adjustable closing speed and an easy to service stainless steel fuel filter screen.

Features of the Husky Eagle Aviation Refuelling Nozzle:

Discover the enhanced features that make Husky nozzles higher specification, ensuring both safety and serviceability.

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
HU-11629173 Husky Eagle Aviation Fuel Nozzle Max Flow Rate (lpm) - 380
Max Pressure (Bar) - 3.5
Spout OD (mm) – 38.1
Inlet – 1 ½” F BSP Swivel
Jet/Aviation Fuel
£1970.75 ex. VAT