High Flow Rotary Hand Fuel Transfer Pump

1litre Per Rev (approx.)

High Flow Rotary Hand Fuel Transfer Pump

About the product

The High Flow Rotary Hand Fuel Pump is a cost effective solution to the manual dispensing of a variety of fluids including diesel, oil, kerosene, petrol and anti-freeze from a drum. These hand fuel transfer pumps are commonly used within environments where mains power is inaccessible and therefore an electric pump is not a viable option, yet high flow rates need to be maintained. For example, these manual diesel transfer pumps are popular when a large amount of fuel needs to be transferred from one container to another.

Features of the High Flow Rotary Manual Fuel Transfer Pump:  

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
CTS2004 High Flow Hand Fuel Transfer Pump 1l per stroke
2" M BSP drum connector
3 part 1000mm suction down tube
32mm OD bent spout
1.3m dispensing hose
Diesel, oil, kerosene, petrol, anti-freeze
£196.05 ex. VAT