Hi Flow Lever Hand Fuel Transfer Pump

580ml Per Stroke (approx.)

Hi Flow Lever Hand Fuel Transfer Pump

About the product

The Hi Flow Lever Hand Fuel Pump is designed for the dispensing of diesel and oil from various storage tanks and containers, and can be easily fitted to a drum thanks to its 2” BSP adaptor and down tube. These hand fuel transfer pumps are popular where a reliable yet inexpensive solution is required, or where mains power is inaccessible at the dispensing point. Thanks to its good flow rate, this manual diesel transfer pump is often used for the transfer of larger volumes of fluid.

Features of the Hi Flow Lever Fuel Hand Pump:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
351000 Hi-Flow Hand Fuel Transfer Pump 580ml per stroke
2" M BSP drum connector
3 part 850mm suction down tube
1000mm delivery hose
20mm OD straight spout
Diesel, oil
£47.65 ex. VAT