Heldite Joining Compound

Medium strength (can be dismantled)

Heldite Joining Compound

About the product

Heldite Jointing Compound is a pipe and thread sealant designed to effectively seal bolted, flanged or screwed joins and prevent leakage. This semi-permanent liquid compound is used throughout all engineering industries and in plumbing and heating, provided it isn’t in contact with potable water.

This is a non-abrasive joint sealant, meaning that it has no effect on any metal, rubber or any other materials that it is used on. It is available either in a 250ml tin with brush applicator integrated into the cap, or a small 7ml single use bottle that can be thrown away after use.

Features of the Heldite Thread Sealant:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
CTS1808 Heldite - 250ml Brown
250ml Tin c/w Applicator
£19.40 ex. VAT
CTS1810 Heldite - 7ml Brown
7ml Bottle
£3.95 ex. VAT