GoldenRod Particle Bio Fuel Tank Filter

95 Ltrs Per Min (10 micron)

GoldenRod Bio Fuel Tank Filter

About the product

The GoldenRod Bio Fuel Tank Filter is generally used in gravity flow conditions, although it the flow rate is slow enough, it can be used on a pump system. These fuel storage tank filters for bio fuels have a clear bowl for the user to inspect the fuel’s impurities, and a draining point so that these impurities can be drained away. Due to the aggressive nature of pure bio fuels, the particle filter has metal plating for protection. 

Features of the GoldenRod Bio Fuel Storage Tank Filter:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
CTJ1815 GoldenRod Particle Bio Fuel Filter Complete 10 Micron Particle Filter
Paper Filter
Application - Gravity/Pump
Max Flow Rate (lpm) - 60
Pressure (bar) - 10
Inlet/Outlet - 1" F BSP
Filter Thread - 1 1/8"-12 M UNF
£92.08 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
CTJ1816 GoldenRod Bio Element Only
£21.4600 ex. VAT
CTJ1818 Replacement Head
£29.0200 ex. VAT
CTJ1802 Replacement Bowl
£23.8400 ex. VAT
CTJ1813 Wrench
£11.6200 ex. VAT
CTJ1811 Stainless Steel Strainer Mesh 40
£23.2600 ex. VAT
CTJ1812 Stainless Steel Strainer Mesh 80
£26.5000 ex. VAT