GOK De-Aerator

GOK Oil De-Aerator

About the product

The GOK De-Aerator is a combination of an oil filter, de-aerator and shut off valve, suitable for kerosene, oil and biofuels with up to 20% fatty acid methyl ester. This de-aerator removes gas/air bubbles from a single line fuel system, helping to eliminate any pump and nozzle problems associated with gas/air in the fluid. This GOK system eliminates multiple external connections, which reduces the risk of leakage, and is suitable for mounting indoors.

Features of the Gok Oil De-Aerator:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
FC10001 GOK GS Pro-Fi 3 Deaerator Nozzle Capacity (l/h) - 80
Oil Flow (l/h) - 200
Max return oil (l/h) - 80
De-aerating capacity (l/h) - 5
Max operating temp - 60Âșc
Max Pressure - +0.7
70 micron filter
Inlet/Outlet - 3/8" F BSP
Kerosene and oil
£188.35 ex. VAT