GoldenRod 491 Fuel Tank Filter Wrench

For use with GoldenRod filters

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About the product

The GoldenRod Fuel Tank Filter Wrench is a handy tool, which enables the easy removal and fitting of the GoldenRod bowl/filter housing when the user needs to replace the filter element inside. It benefits from small grooves that fit over the notches on the GoldenRod bowls, which are also compatible with the fitting of similar brands of bowl filters. 

The use of the filter wrench limits of the risk of cracking of the bowl whilst trying to apply pressure to screw it off. It also ensures that when it is screwed back on after replacing the element that it is tight enough to prevent leaks. 

Features of the GoldenRod 491 Filter Wrench:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
CTJ1813 GoldenRod Wrench 491 For use with GoldenRod filters £12.70 ex. VAT