EnviroSpill Drum Spill Pallet

For 2 or 4 205litre drums

Please note: Drums are not included EnviroSpill Drum Spill Pallet

About the product

The EnviroSpill Oil Drum Spill Pallets are designed as a bunded spill containment option for holding either two or four drums. This oil spill control product helps users to comply with oil storage regulations by containing spills preventing both damage to the environment and slip hazards. As a minimum the sump of the spill pallet can hold the contents of an entire 205litre drum in the event of a leak or rupture.

Whilst commonly used alongside oil or fuel drums, the polyethylene construction of these spill control pallets make them suitable for most fluids. They additionally benefit from forklift points for easy manoeuvring and removable grates that lift off for cleaning.

Please note: Drums are not included.

Features of the EnviroSpill Drum Spill Control Bund:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
SPL-205-2DRUM EnviroSpill 2 Drum Spill Pallet Drum Number – 2
Sump Capacity – 250l
1245 x 635 x 457mm
Any fluids
£357.75 ex. VAT
SPL-205-4DRUM EnviroSpill 4 Drum Spill Pallet Drum Number – 4
Sump Capacity – 284l
1245 x 1245 x 260mm
Any fluids
£516.75 ex. VAT