Emergency Repair Tape

For hoses & pipework

Emergency Repair Tape

About the product

Emergency repair tape is a must have for every tool box thanks to its multitude of applications including plumbing, heating and on construction sites. It is designed primarily as a leak repair solution for flexible and rigid oil lines, fuel hoses and water pipes, but can also be used for sealing electrical connections.

This emergency repair tape can be simply wrapped around the surface that needs to be repaired; the tighter you stretch it, the quicker it bonds. As well as being resistant against fuels, oils, acids, solvents, salt water and UV rays, it remains its strength underwater and on dirty/oils surfaces and is weatherproof and corrosion resistant, making it a very flexible leak repair solution.

Please note, although it can in many cases it has been used as a long term fix, emergency repair tape is not designed to be a permanent repair, it is designed to solve the leak until a proper repair can be undertaken. 

Features of the Emergency Leak Repair Tape:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
SR7013 Emergency Repair Tape Small roll of tape
For emergency leaks
Pressure resistant to 8bar
Operating temp -65°C to 260°C
£15.40 ex. VAT