CTS ATEX Approved Fuel Tank Alarm

For high or bund level

CTS ATEX Approved Fuel Tank Alarm

About the product

The ATEX Approved Fuel Tank Alarm system is designed for alerting the user of a high fluid level or that there is fluid within the bund, which may indicate a leak or rain water ingress. ATEX certified to Zone 1, this tank level alarm is suitable for tanks containing flammable liquids, provided that the probe used is suitable.

This ATEX tank alarm is battery powered for use on portable installations or sites where mains power is inaccessible. The bund alarm benefits from a flashing red LED & 95db alarm which sounds to alert the user to a problem continuously for 120 seconds followed by a periodic beep for 60 minutes. This fuel tank level alarm has test battery, test alarm and alarm cancel functions for ease of use.

We offer a version that comes as standard with fuel tank probe for diesel, kerosene and JET A1 tanks, and a version without probe for other fluids such as petrol using a third party ATEX probe with solid stem.

Please note: All cables must be free of electrical noise.

Features of the CTS ATEX Fuel Tank Level Alarm:

Product models and features

Code Model Description Price
SWS2006 ATEX Fuel Tank Alarm c/w Probe Battery – AAA
Probe c/w 5m cable and 1 ½” brass cap
95db sounder
For diesel, kerosene, JET A1
£934.55 ex. VAT
SWS3023 ATEX Fuel Tank Alarm Only Battery – AAA
95db sounder
For any fluid (provided third party probe is compatible)
£944.25 ex. VAT

Product Accessories

Code Accessory Price
SWS1009 Extra Alarm Cable Per Metre
Per Metre
£2.4500 ex. VAT